Food Helps Get a Better Suntan


Tanned WomanStay under the sun long enough and your skin will turn evenly bronze – tanned. Beautifully tanned skin surely looks attractive in summer, when we wear fewer clothes. As it turns out, you can tan much faster, if you eat certain foods before going to the beach. Which foods?

Foods to Boost the Melanin Production

First of all, foods that help faster the melanin production, which is the main “culprit” behind the suntan, are those rich in Vitamin A and carotene; they are often added to the cosmetics that assist tanning. Those foods include: watermelon, melon, apricots, peaches, carrots, spinach, eggs, fish and olive oil.

Calcium for the Perfect Tan

Such substances as tyrosine and calcium also help you get a tan faster. Those are found in sufficient amounts in cottage cheese and cheeses – white cheeses in particular.

Vitamin E for a Beautiful Suntan

Tomatoes also contribute to the melanin production and other foods rich in bioflavonoids and Vitamin E, such as pistachios and cultured milk foods. In general adding Vitamin E to your nutrition is not a bad idea. Considering the fact that sun rays can harm your skin by drying it out, this will help reduce the damage your body receives during sunbathing.

Tangerine Oil to Help Get a Perfect Suntan

Start the vitamin consumption early, at least a week before you leave for the beach. Once you are there, fragrant oil of tangerines will come quite handy. If you plan to stay under the sun for quite a while, have some juice with a drop of the oil half an hour before going outside. The oil will protect you from sunburn and help prevent development of pigment spots on the skin.

What to Eat on the Beach for a Better Suntan

One more thing – it’s better go to the beach half an hour after having a meal. Have some pure water handy to maintain your body water balanced. Try to avoid soft drinks and juices at the beach.

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  1. Whenever I take sunbathing, I never have the patience to get the tan I dream of. I’m always whiter, than anyone else on the beach. Maybe it’s because I eat something wrong? Would following these tips help me get that tan?

  2. That’s not only diet, but also your skin type and the creams you use on the beach to protect your skin from the sun rays. Use oil – it can help you get the tan faster. By the way, you could also visit solarium, so that you spend less time for just lying on the beach and waiting for the tan. I always do so.

  3. We went to South America and toured many countries as we love the beach and all it has to offer. Being tanning fanatics, my husband and I tried a new tanning oil, or at least new to us, called Miami Gold Super Serious Tanning Oil. WOW! We’re dark already, but this stuff allowed me to get darker and my husband actually got a liitle burn which later turned golden brown. You can find this oil at and it smells awesome!
    See ya at the beach!

  4. I hope eating these melanin boosting foods will help me tan… When I was younger I turned brown. Now I seem to have freckles and tan very little! My twin brother tans very fast and a lovely golden brown and my mother also.

    Frankly I’m tired of using fake tanning lotions and taking so long to tan! Also, what is strange is that only my arms have freckles and a little on my nose and nowhere else on my body!

    I hope you can answer my question as to why I take longer to tan than when I was young and my twin brother tans so well! Perhaps it is my diet. And maybe I should eat the foods you suggested?

    Thankyou for taking the time to read my frustrating questions!

  5. Can anyone give me advice on my last question?? What diet should I plan? and what other products will help me tan easier and quicker.


    • Hi, Florence,

      I can only suggest that you tan only little now because your hormones have changed during this time. A tan hormone does exist, according to a latest study ( ), so you may just have less “tan hormones” now. You brother’s hormones didn’t change the way yours did. There are different processes in men’s and women’s bodies.

      Melanin is a pigment found in skin and hair, it absorbs harmful UV-radiation and determines the color of hair and skin. Some people have white hair and skin at birth (this means, they have less melanin than darker skinned and haired ones), but they develop their normal skin color with the time. Similar processes took place in your body, but vice versa and not so noticeably.

      As for the freckles, I’ve written an article about freckles, you can see it here:, here’s the part you may be interested in:

      The color and brightness of freckles, however, depend not only on the color of your hair and skin, but also on how long and intensely your skin is exposed to sunlight.

      So, your nose and arms are exposed to sun much more than other parts of your body – and this is logical, as in summer you probably wear t-shirt and your nose is just in the sun more than other face parts.

      You’re right, your diet also contributes to your “tanning ability”, the creams and lotions you use on the beach also do, but, I think, the most important part is played by your hormones.

      Just follow these tips on how to extend the suntan life after sunbathing:, use special lotions and eat foods that boost melanin. I think, by now it’s all you can do, the new substance melanotan 1 can’t be bought and used now.

      Hope, my comment was somehow useful.

  6. This sounds great and I’ve never heard of it before, but I must ask how much of this food do we need to eat to help us get a tan?

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