How to Fight Post-Vacation Depression


When you return from your vacation everything seems to be wrong. Your coffee tastes bad. You have loads of work. You boss is annoying. And your colleagues seem to get on your nerves. Post-vacation depression can easily throw you off your daily routine. So what can be done to endure this hard period?

Post-Vacation Depression

Resignation after Vacation

Statistic data say employees resign more often when they have just returned from their vacation compared to their hard-working colleagues.

By the way, our IQ plummets by about 20 points upon the ending of vacation.

To prevent adding unemployment stress to your post-vacation depression, it is recommended to get back from your vacation a few days before you have to go to work again so you can shift to early riser routine.

When Is Best Time to Start Working?

It is known that the hardest day is Tuesday. After weekend, many of us go through the motions and put aside a lot of work for Thursday. That’s why it’s reasonable to start working on Thursday as you will have two days to adapt to working process without being tired.

When you meet you colleagues, don’t rush your lively stories and showing them hundreds of vacation pictures. The reason is they are not really indifferent, it’s simply hard for them emotionally to share your post-vacation excitement. Though it’s great to give them gifts and party with sweets at lunchtime.

Take Care of Your Health after Vacation

Raining instead of sunshine, traffic jams instead of beaches, fast food… No wonder your body reacts to that change with insomnia, headaches, digestive disorders, colds and other health problems. Scientists estimate about 50 percent of people returned from vacation start feeling bad. Simple yet effective methods such as walking, maintaining sleep schedule, healthy diet and vitamins (B6, B12 and H) intake will help to avoid that.

What to Eat to Boost Your Performance

30 percent of our attitude is what we eat. So make sure you have foods which help produce endorphins, or hormones of happiness. These foods are seafood, olive oil, avocado, bananas, green apples and, of course, chocolate. It is better to eat “wrong” or heavy foods like steaks and cakes before noon and drink fat-free kefir before bedtime. By the way, exercising promotes producing of endorphins.

It’s not for nothing that people who exercise suffer from depression five times as less as those with sedentary lifestyle.

How to Boost Your Spirits

Even if you have to wait for the next vacation half a year, don’t plunge into depression. You can lift up your spirits by meeting your family and friends. It’s also good doing some fitness or shopping with your friends. Physiologists advise on visiting a tanning salon. Spending five minutes in “artificial sun” is enough to keep your tan and fight your apathy.

In case your post-vacation depression last over normal there to five days, it would reasonable to see your doctor.

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