Fad Diets are Fraught with Myopia


Greek researchers have found regularity between eye problems and excessive fad diets. Scientists from the Medical School at the University of Athens examined 13 women long suffering from anorexia. The study showed that during prolonged anorexia, the thickness of the yellow spot (the rear surface of the eye specialized for seeing things with highest clearness or visual acuity) is decreased.

Fad Diets are Fraught with Myopia

As it turned out, for people suffering from diseases of the digestive system such as bulimia and anorexia, the yellow spot and retinal nerve fiber layer are much thinner than that of healthy women and such people often suffer from myopia.

The doctors do not yet know whether it is possible to reverse such phenomenon when one returns to a normal diet, or whether it is the first signal of incipient blindness.

Source of the image: Photl