Six Most Effective Sleeping Tips


Scientists have recently claimed that fighting insomnia with medications is actually unhealthy because, instead of helping to get a healthy sleep, sleeping pills lull into state of unconsciousness and cause addiction over time. Here are safe and effective rules that will help you to fall asleep.


  1. Sleep on your belly or on the left side resting your head on a low pillow. This sleeping position would help to fall asleep and also improve bowel function.
  2. Try to go to bed at the same time and air the room before sleeping. Avoid drinking alcohol or strong tea before bed. This may disturb your sleep.
  3. As a sleeping remedy, you can use herbal pillows stuffed with fern, bay leaves, walnut leaves, mint, geranium, pine needles, hop cones or rose petals. You can use a mixture of different herbs. Stuff a pillow case with the mixture and dry using a heater. Or you can simply put a hop stuffed pouch under your pillow to rest into sleep.
  4. Take warm aromatic essential oil baths (mint, chamomile, or orange) or aromatic herb baths (conifer needles, marigold, mint or oregano) or Valeriana baths. After taking your bath, do not towel yourself and go to bed right away.
  5. Drink herbal teas before sleep (hawthorn, pumpkin with honey, chamomile, saffron, elder root, valeriana, snowball tree berries and bark, cannabis seeds, caraway, hop cones).
  6. Create sleep friendly surroundings in your bedroom by avoiding red-colored interior, sharp dizzy smells, including flowers emanating such smell and noises.

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