Eating Veggies Prevents Pancreatitis


Doctors say that if your diet contains plenty of vegetables, you are protected from acute pancreatitis.


This theory confirms the study by Swedish scientists who tried to answer the question if the imbalance of antioxidant levels in the body is related to diet, a predisposing factor to pancreatitis.

Pancreas produces hormones and enzymes for proper digestion. They can bring not only good. Sometimes they can be activated in the pancreas so that the body begins to digest itself. As a result, you get acute pancreatitis – a serious and sometimes life-threatening illness.

The study, which involved 80,000 people, showed that the risk of pancreatitis for those who ate more than four servings of vegetables a day decreased by 44%. Besides, the participants who were overweight and drank more than one alcoholic drink per day reduced the risk up to 51% and 71%, respectively.