Early Risers Are Happier


It is believed that people generally fall into two categories: those who are early to bed and early to rise, and those who are late to bed and wake up late. The scientists from the University of Toronto (Canada) have conducted a study that gave an answer to the question about who is happier, the so-called “larks” or “owls.”

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The study involved 735 volunteers: 435 people aged 17-38 years and 300 people aged 59-79 years. The observations of the two groups showed that the so-called “owls”, that fall asleep late and get up late, feel worse than “larks”: it is much more difficult for them to adapt to the conventional way of life and get down to work – an 8-hour day seems a torture to them.

The early risers, who wake up and get up early, are generally happier and calmer, feel well and find it easier to adapt to the working mode. Their immune system functions better and they are generally healthier than late risers.

The researchers recommend elderly people to rise early. According to the observations, elderly people who get up early feel much better than younger people, who stay in bed until noon.

The experts believe that “larks” should be brought up from infancy, but even later in life everyone can find the strength to change the mode of their sleep and wakefulness and to learn to be an early riser. Good health, absence of extra weight and depression, joyful views on life, happiness for each day and the sense of meaningful life are worthy of it.