Driving Is Dangerous for Women


Driving WomanMillions of men and women around the world drive cars. Surprisingly, Swedish scientists have recently discovered, that driving imposes higher risks on women then it does on men. Female drivers have three times as much chances of getting spine damage due to a car accident as males. What are the reasons behind such tendency? Do women really have to stay away from driving?

Statistics shows, when the vehicle with a female driver is hit from behind, she has trice as much chances as males of getting a neck injury due to the accident. Reality of this statement has been proven by a study, which revealed, that female drivers adjust their seats differently from males. Ladies prefer to sit higher and closer to the steering wheel, they also set up the seat hack straighter along the vertical. Besides, the standards of the modern automobile safety tests do not account for those differences, thus the car safety system is developed strictly for males.

The results of the study stress about the need to update the safety standards so that they take into account the driver’s and the passenger’s boarding style differences according to their gender. Scientists hope, that the information they have gathered will come handy when developing new neck injury prevention systems.