Drinking Dietary Soda Leads to Heart Attacks


This conclusion was drawn by the American scientists from several major research centers (University of Miami, Columbia University). Those, who drink dietary soda every day, increase the risk of heart attack, stroke or vascular disease by 43% compared with those, who do not consume these foods.

Drinking any soda – regular, dietary, and with sugar or its substitutes – is equally dangerous to health. It has been confirmed by the 10-year large-scale study, which involved 2,564 Americans. The USA is well-known for special preference for soda. There is also a highly developed cult of healthy lifestyle, so soda manufacturers are promoting “light” versions of the drink as a product that is useful for health. However, the usefulness of the drink, just as the amount of calories in it, is equal to zero.

Scientists and physicians remind that clean drinking water is the healthiest drink.