Which Drink Is the Healthiest One?


Healthy DrinksEvery day we drink water, juices, tea etc. Each of those drinks has its own effect on our health. But which drink, consumed by people regularly, is the healthiest one? Some researchers tried to find an answer to this question. They singled out eight pretenders for the title of the leader and explained the values of each.

Healthy Drink #8. Orange Juice

Orange juice found itself in the eighth place. The juice has vitamin C, which boosts the immunity, protects from various diseases, such as cataract, cancer etc. In addition, the orange juice is a great source of the folic acid, which is very important for the prevention of the fetal development defects.

Healthy Drink #7. Cranberry Juice

It is hard to overestimate the value of the cranberry juice. It helps prevent the gum diseases and fight the urinary tract infections. The juices sold in stores often contain sugar in them.

It is advised to choose the 100% pure cranberry juice (no sugar added) or to drink no more than 1 glass of it a day.

Healthy Drink #6. Tomato Juice

The next drink in line for the leadership is unsalted tomato juice. It protects us against a number of cancer types. It contains a large concentration of lycopene, even more than the fruits contain themselves. Lycopene is associated with lowered cancer risk of the following organs: mouth cavity, lungs, stomach, liver, mammary glands, uterine neck, colon and rectum. In addition, lycopene protects the heart from the action of the free radicals, and hence it reduces the risk of the cardiovascular diseases

Healthy Drink #5. Hot Chocolate

The next drink is particularly loved by children. It is the hot chocolate or cocoa. The valued properties of those drinks lie in the fact that they lighten the mood and prevent the development of the cardiovascular diseases. In addition, cacao contains a lot of polyphenols which protect the cells from the action of the free radicals. Consumption of hot chocolate enhances production of the hormone serotonin (low levels of it have bad effect on one’s mood).

Healthy Drink #4. Soy Milk

Next drink was the soy milk. Regular consumption of this substance helps reduce the risk of developing the cardiovascular diseases. The dietary fibers and proteins found in the soy milk lower the level of “bad” cholesterol and triglycerides. You can not, however, completely replace the cow’s milk with the soy milk since then your body will not receive calcium and vitamin A and D.

The soy also contains phytooestrogens, which are associated with breast cancer development. Hence you should consume it in reasonable amounts.

Healthy Drink #3. 1% Fat Milk

Applicant number three was the 1% fat milk. It contains complex carbohydrates, proteins and a little bit of fat, thus the product is digested slowly and you do not feel hunger longer. Thanks to it the blood sugar stays stable. Milk also contains calcium and vitamin D. Calcium assists cells at burning fat, facilitating this way normal rate of weight loss.

Healthy Drink #2. Mint Tea

The second place went to the mint tea. It can fight an upset stomach, helps relieve colics, assists digestion by helping the food go through the gastrointestinal tract.

Healthy Drink #1. Green Tea

Green tea was named to be the leader. It is valued for the flavonoids it contains, which help reduce the risk of osteoporosis, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases. In addition green tea is valued for the polyphenols and antioxidants which protect the cells from the damages and neutralise the free radicals.


  1. “You can not, however, completely replace the cow’s milk with the soy milk since then your body will not receive calcium and vitamin A and D.” Hmmm. Seems to me green tea and all the others do not have calcium and vitamin A and D either. Wouldn’t that make 1% milk the healthiest drink?

  2. Obviously water should be number one on this list for its wonderful ability to keep us alive but some of the others listed are fairly awful. Orange juice should be skipped and replaced with the fruit its self that way you get the fiber as well as the other benefits. Most fruit juices really do not provide substantial benefits for the amount of calories they add to your diet, water is always best. Also, saying that soy milk cannot not replace cow’s milk is wrong as well. Calcium, and Vitamin A can be found in many other foods and in greater quantity then what is found in milk. Vitamin D is artificially added to milk and our bodies naturally produce it when exposed to sun.

  3. Water is a part of every one of those drinks, nubiles. Besides…it’s photoshopped. I would know, I’ve seen a few photoshopped images before, and this one’s definitely photoshooped. The shadows are all pixelated.

  4. Did you know that drinking from plastic water bottles may not be safe for you? There are harmful chemicals within the plastic that get passed to the water naturally. Aluminum water bottles are a safe alternative to plastic bottles. Check out my story on drinking water more safely, and even save a few bucks while doing it.

  5. As far as I know, the healthiest drink in the world is not produced, ready made of for sale. It is not water, orange juice or green tea. Most ready made drinks are sold for commercial reasons not our health. Orange juice, unless fresh is a hydrated powder or syrup that contains little benefit to your health.
    After much research and experimentation, including kiwi fruit, I found something cheap, tasty and healthy. Since May 2010 I have been making my own soft drink and saved also a lot of money. The most healthy drink I came up with is: freshly squeezed lemon, honey & cold water. In the cold months, I add less water to fortify the concentration. 1 teaspoon of honey, half a lemon and cold water. Dilute to taste. I am a coffee drinker and smoker. My last visit to the dentist was, “You don’t need to have a scale and polish and your gums have never been better, go home!” Since last year, no build up of plaque, the lemon is responsible. Never drink lemon undiluted, it will destroy enamel! (Ascorbic acid!) Never add hot water to honey, it kills the medicinal properties! Total cost per day = 0:28 euro cents. (Juice of 1 lemon, 2 teaspoons of honey + ¾ glass of water.)
    Try it and see, I’m sure it is the best and cheapest drink for my health, and you?

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