Doing Home Chores Leads to Hypertension


The researchers from the Clinical Center in the U.S. city of Pittsburgh have discovered that the development of heart attacks and strokes can be influenced by another, hitherto unknown, factor.

Household Chores

The authors of the study invited 113 members of both sexes. All the people who participated in the study worked full time. Each volunteer had to describe what he did at work to the authors of the experiment in a detailed way. In addition, the participants had to provide information about household chores and tasks.

Following the oral interview the participants had to regularly measure blood pressure for 21 days. After that, the volunteers spent their days wearing special devices on the wrist to know blood pressure over time.

Concerning domestic duties, the researchers noted that it had been problematic not actually to perform the necessary actions, but to have the responsibility for their everyday fulfilling.

According to the study, the most “harmful” home occupations were: cleaning, cooking and, oddly enough, the purchase of food. It was these duties which increased blood pressure most of all.

But a seemingly troublesome occupation, such as taking care and upbringing children, did not lead to an evident increase in the indices of blood pressure.

Care and maintenance of domestic pets contributed to the increase in pressure only with men, leaving the female sex aside.

Source of the image: Photl.