Divorced Women Have a High Heart Attack Risk


US researchers have found that married people face a much smaller risk of heart attack than those who have gone through a divorce. Moreover, the disease threatens women’s heart more than that of men.


In recent years, several scientific studies have demonstrated the destructive power of divorce in the development of various diseases and ailments. Researchers claim that the people that went through a divorce may have severe depression, hypertension, and stress.

Some time ago, a group of researchers from Duke University completed the health surveillance of about 16 million Americans. They included the residents aged 45 to 65 years. All of them were married at the start of observations. Their health had been monitored for 18 years, and many couples split up during this period.

The people who went through a divorce happened to face the risk of a heart attack much more often. 24% divorced women were more likely to suffer from heart attacks than unmarried ladies. This ratio was preserved among the women who re-married. But among the men, who created a new family, the risk of heart attack was greatly reduced after divorce.

According to the authors, this is proved by the fact that the health of men is in women’s hands. If a man creates a new family, the wife begins to take care of his diet and way of life. As for women, their divorce produces a devastating impact, and the consequences cannot be corrected even in a new family. Material and emotional consequences of divorce are especially terrible for women; besides, they directly affect the immune system.