Depression Helps to Get Through Problems


Psychiatrists at the University of Virginia discovered how we could benefit from depression. Major depression symptoms such as inability to get enjoyment, loss of appetite and sexual desire and aloofness may be beneficial in that they keep us focused on our acute problems, according to scientists. They found that depression boosts the activity in a brain area responsible for attention, and such activity grows as depression gets stronger. The activity in this area also stimulates analytical thinking.


115 students were given an abstract thinking test. The students were examined for depressive affect before and after the assignment.  First, it emerged those who did not have depression experienced an increase in depressive symptoms after they did the rest. That means encountering complicated tasks is related to sadness and makes us to be focused. Second, depressed students scored better as they managed to keep they mind off their worries. Scientists conclude that our brain works better in a state of depressive affect.

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