Daily Walks Prevent Breast Cancer


U.S. researchers have found out that daily walks are extremely useful for breast cancer prevention. According to experts, representing the American Cancer Society in Atlanta, a 1-hour walk a day can reduce the risk of cancer by fourteen percent for women aged fifty and older.

Physical activity instead of chocolate

It should be noted that the researchers had already talked about how useful it is to be engaged in outdoor sports. But now they have come to the conclusion that simple walking is useful. This will help not only spend time in a pleasant way, but also improve your health.

This hypothesis was confirmed by the study involving more than seventy-three thousand women between fifty and seventy-four .

Doctors monitored these women’s health from 1992 to 2009. The women told about their physical activities how they felt. For about a half of the women, walks were the only type of physical activity. However, the women who walked for more than 7 hours per week were 14% better protected from cancer. And those who jogged, did aerobics or tennis, went in for swimming, raised this figure to twenty-five percent.

In this case, the result is obvious. People engaged in sports are really lucky. But even if you do not do any exercise, just walk. This is also very useful for the body.