Cocaine Addiction Vaccine


The U.S. scientists have announced the successful completion of testing a cocaine addiction vaccine.


Ronald Crystal, Head of the Department of Genetic Medicine at Cornell Medical College, has created a vaccine by combining the virus of cold and cocaine.

The researchers conducted experiments on mice which were injected with a new cocaine addiction vaccine. Previously, the specialists had proved that the drug molecule reached the brain pleasure center in a matter of only 6 seconds after penetrating the body. The doctors had to create a vaccine that would neutralize the drug before it entered the center of pleasure.

The scientists were able to develop immunity to the molecules of cocaine by “cheating” the body: the body, as if fighting against the cold, was helped to cope with the molecules of cocaine. The medicine caused the body’s immune response, and the produced antibodies absorbed the molecules treating drugs as a hostile virus. The tests on rodents were successful.

The experts are planning to continue studying the vaccine and conduct clinical tests involving human beings. A single vaccine injection is expected to be enough, the experts say.

Source of the image: Photl.