Celebrity Superfoods and Which Ones You Should Be Eating Too


Celebrity diets and trends are sometimes unbelievable but still leave people wondering whether to try them out themselves. Some celebrity fads should be avoided at all costs – Miley Cyrus’ questionable outfit choices come to mind – but when it comes to diet and healthy eating, there are some great celebrity role models out there. Here are some of the highly acclaimed superfoods all the celebrities are eating and the ones you should be eating too.

Spinach – Rita Ora

spinach-bowl-food-diet-eat-healthSinging superstar and fashion icon Rita Ora is a fan of the leafy green vegetable spinach. She tweeted a photo of an entire bowl of spinach and Tabasco sauce, so there’s no denying her love for this superfood. There’s no harm in eating this is plentiful amounts as it can provide a good amount of fiber and help
fight inflammation.

Avocado – Gwyneth Paltrow

sushiImage: hungryhouse

Keen chef and successful actress Gwyneth Paltrow likes to eat these on toast and it is supposedly her ultimate favorite dish. You can try this one out in loads of different dishes like avocado chicken salad, pasta with avocado or even chocolate avocado brownies. It is also used in a variety of Asian and Japanese dishes – sushi rolls being a particular favorite – which means it’s really easy to make a healthy choice when eating out or ordering in.

Kale – Julia Roberts

kale-food-diet-health-eatYou may not have heard of this green superfood but it is one of the best out there. This super vegetable aids digestion, is low in calories, high in iron and has zero fat. It’s not surprising that actresses Julia Roberts likes to have plenty of this in her diet and rumor has it, she actually grows her own.

Charcoal – Sarah Harding

charcoal-powderThis is definitely the most bizarre suggestion for a superfood you’ve probably ever heard but it actually has some surprising health benefits. This ex Girls Aloud member likes to sprinkle charcoal on top of her food to help with muscle toning but this ingredient is most well-known for keeping the intestines happy as well as, ironically, whitening teeth. Before you take a leaf, or block, out of Sarah’s book it’s important to note that only activated charcoal provides these health benefits so purchase some charcoal tablets from your local pharmacy if you want to test this one out.

Peppers – Oprah Winfrey

peppers-foodOprah has been very knowledgeable about health in the past and having recently lost 30 pounds, she clearly knows what she’s talking about. Peppers are one of her favorite foods as they provide essential vitamins including C and B6. If you’re on a diet, you might want to try getting some jalapenos or spicy chilies into your meals as research has shown that they can help to burn fat and lose weight.

Bee Pollen – Victoria Beckham

bee-flower-summer-insect-biteAccording to OK magazine, worldwide celebrity icon Victoria Beckham has taken to eating bee pollen in order to remain looking young and revitalized. Bee pollen is said to contain all the nutrients we need as human beings and supports your cardiovascular system too. It’ll keep you looking young and give your energy levels a boost. This might not be the superfood you try first but one to look out for if you frequently suffer from low energy.