Breast Cancer Treatment: New Method


According to the statistics, despite the best efforts of doctors, various types of cancer still remain one of the most common causes of early mortality. As for the ladies, the most common form of this disease among them (and especially among mature ladies) is breast cancer. The traditional ways of getting rid of this disease are chemo- and radiotherapy, as well as the use of strong drugs.

Massage, woman

The results of the recent research conducted by American scientists have shown that massage can be an effective additional treatment of this disease. Of course, massage cannot replace traditional treatment, but doctors have determined that such procedures can have a positive impact on the health of the patients suffering from cancer. In particular, massage can effectively alleviate pain and relieve muscle and nervous tension that traditional therapy can be accompanied by.

According to the experts of the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, various massage techniques can be applied. During the experiment, the doctors observed 380 voluntary participants, who were attending massage procedures several times a week. As a result of the treatment, all the participants of the experiment reported the significant reduction of pain, of physical and emotional stress. Due to the massage, the overall physical state of the girls improved, and they rarely demonstrated the signs of depression.

Source of the image: Photl.