Botox Ineffective against Migraines


Botox celebrated its 10th anniversary in April 2012. A new research suggests that Botox is not as successful in treating headaches and migraines, as it has been thought previously. Moreover, Botox has side effects.


As you know, the invention of Botox made not only those who were obsessed with the fight against wrinkles happy. The injections of botulinum toxin A are used to prevent excessive sweating and to treat migraines.

However, a recent research by American scientists proves that the effect of the product in treating migraines is not important enough to let us talk about Botox as a remedy against this ailment. Judge for yourself: the patients, who were injected with Botox to treat migraine headaches, had very modest results in reducing pain. For example, those who suffered from 18-20 migraines a month, managed to avoid only 1-2 cases of migraines. And those who had 5-6 migraines a month did not have any reduction of their number at all.

In addition, some noted side effects from the injections. Muscle weakness was observed nine times more often in the patients, treated with Botox. There were also complaints of pain in the neck and back. It is also important that the cost of drugs is quite high – $1,000 per dose for the people suffering from chronic migraines. All of this makes us doubt the ability of the previously advertised Botox to treat migraines effectively.