Body and Skin Rejuvenation Diet. Beauty Sandwich


Body and Skin Rejuvenation Diet. Beauty SandwichIf you’ve read the articles “Body and Skin Rejuvenation Diet” and “Body and Skin Rejuvenation Diet. Foods and Skin”, you should know, what foods should be included into your daily diet in order to rejuvenate your skin and body. There’s no surprise, that certain foods contribute to both your beauty and health. Here’s a very simple recipe of an extremely healthy beauty sandwich, which contains foods essential for the skin and has a very good effect on it.

Spread a slice of grain bread with a thin layer of low-fat vitamin rich spread. Add the following ingredients:

  • half of a boiled egg,
  • a lettuce leaf,
  • a slice of raw carrot,
  • dill, parsley, celery (a twig of each),
  • a slice of cucumber,
  • a slice of raw champignon.

Secure this “food pyramid” with cottage cheese on top and decorate with a cantle of tangerine.

Bon appetite!


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