What Is The Best Age for Wearing High Heels?


Wearing heels is, of course, a matter of taste. However, it seems that at a certain age high-heeled shoes can have a particularly adverse impact on women’s health . If you care about your well-being, then pay attention to this expert advice.


Is Wearing High Heels That Unhealthy?

In fact, there have been considerable debates around the theme of wearing high-heeled shoes for many years – if it is dangerous or not. Based on the data published, some believe that it is extremely unhealthy; others have a completely different opinion. Perhaps a recent research will put a full stop in the debate.

Scientists conducted an experiment involving several thousand women. After analyzing the data obtained, the experts came to the following conclusion: it is not worth wearing high heels in youth.

Arthritis after Wearing High Heels

According to the researchers, wearing heels at a young age can lead to serious problems, namely an increased risk of arthritis – joint disease, which is accompanied by serious deterioration of health and life quality and extremely unpleasant changes in appearance.

Best Age for Stilettos

In this regard, scientists advise to start wearing heels at the age of about 26-28. Nevertheless, the experts state that there is a great number of women who prefer uncomfortable but beautiful shoes.