7 Worst Foods


You surely already know that it’s recommended to stay away from sweet and fat foods. We also told you that eating processed meat may be harmful, as it may cause pancreatic diseases. Renowned nutritionist Jared Koch, USA, has compiled a list of the most harmful foods.


  1. The ranking is topped by canned tomatoes and any canned food in general.
  2. This product is followed by meat and meat products, heavily saturated with additives, antibiotics and other drugs that have undergone grave processing.
  3. The third place is taken by margarine. According to nutritionists, it should not be consumed because of a large number of different acids, which have a negative impact on the blood vessels.
  4. In addition to margarine, do not eat vegetable oils, such as coconut and olive oil, as they often lead to inflammations in the body.
  5. The next food kind that Koch considers bad is potatoes that have been exposed to pesticides in large quantities.
  6. All soy products made from genetically modified soy.
  7. The most harmful foods also include artificial sweeteners, the use of which increases the risk of oncological diseases.

So, make sure you and your children avoid these foods. It’s not that you mustnt’s eat them at all, but don’t consume these foods on a daily basis if you want to avoid certain diseases.