5 Tips On How To Prepare Yourself To Get Fit And Healthy


Health and fitness is a desire of all, regardless of age, sex or daily program. No one wants to constantly battle a bad back after bending over a task or two, or feeling like you are exhausted right from the crack of dawn despite sleep.

Over the years, a lot has been put down to assist the transition of body and soul towards getting fit and healthy. Different things have worked for different people though there are fundamentals.

As they say a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Therefore, preparation both physical and mental is essential in order to reap the most from this exciting and transforming experience.

On that note, below are tips that can get you landing on the ground running, running towards getting in shape and good state.

Set an End Goal

Being intentional about fitness and health journey is imperative so that one can track progress and stay motivated. This, however, should not be a reason to set impractical expectations and put your body and mind through strain in the name of getting fit and healthy.

With the help of expert advice and also learning from other people’s experiences, one can be able to draft up a plan. A plan that defines fitness and health, one that graciously assesses the current health and fitness situation and will not cause eventual physical, mental, social and even financial disruption.

Have a Nutrition Plan

Dietary habits are fundamental when it comes to health and fitness. It is true when they say that we are what we eat. It goes without saying therefore that eating healthy is pivotal for anyone who wants to feel and look great body and soul.

It is nothing complicated really, as most would imagine. The basic carbohydrate, protein, vitamin, and mineral proportions are still the baseline. Healthy eating would essentially involve cutting back on refined sugars, fats, alcohol, and caffeine. Note that eating healthy is not starvation, that is simply not eating at all.

Healthy eating encompasses going for the fresh greens and fruits, deriving protein energy which will take you through the day longer, taking some good old fibre and a lot more.

Also, as a way to encourage a commitment to a healthy meal plan, going for simpler recipes is the trick. One won’t be exhausted by the simple thought of having to run through a whole ingredient list just to fix a meal.

Workout Routine

Physical activity is what really comes to mind when fitness is mentioned. It’s not only hard you’re feeling, but also beats the body in shape. More often than not, there is the apprehension that comes with the thought of every single joint and muscle aching after a workout session, but the experts will tell you that’s only at the start.

Physical activity can span from hitting the gym to an aerobics and Zumba session, swimming, morning or evening runs or being involved in a sport. Ladies can enroll in a strength training program for women and enjoy the benefits of fun and customized fitness regimes. When it comes to which physical activity, usually a combination of one or two, or even all works depending on one’s schedule.

Furthermore, doing short bursts of activity rather than stretching workout time for hours on end really helps with the burning we all look forward to during working out and also keeps one committed. Keep the routine interesting with a variety of exercises and it is good to plan ahead for the workout sessions.

Prioritise on adequate rest

The idea of getting fit and healthy always paints a picture of constant activity to have the body make the most in order to be in shape. This is, in fact, not true, as rest and especially sleep are an integral part of being in a good physical and psycho-emotional state.

A well-rested body and mind are able to embark on a day’s task with more zeal and they respond better to diet and exercise.

Stay motivated and enjoy the journey

Getting into shape can be intimidating, but with the right mindset, it comes effortlessly, well almost. Looking forward to the reward of a healthy lifestyle really gets one going and it is prudent to acknowledge that one’s journey may not compare to another’s.

Not being hard on yourself for skipping a routine or breaking all the diet rules is important because it is a journey and progress, after all, has been made. Get a friend or two to share your experience with and feel free to admit to challenges along the way.

Do not stress over matters that you may not be able to control like injury or illness. Take a day at a time and you’ll eventually see how your efforts culminate to the goal sought after.

In the end, getting healthy and fit eventually becomes a lifestyle we can all embrace. Even as we chase the bills, build empires and inspire others to become better people, we must take care of ourselves. So is the journey worth it? It is indeed!