5 Tips on Dry Skin Care


Dry Skin CareIt’s still winter, and in many geographic regions across the world, winter air is rather cold, windy and dry. In such conditions, our skin dries up as well, resulting in skin cracks, discomfort, and even premature aging. Here are some simple rules for those who want to have young and beautiful skin all year around.

Do Not Stay Too Long in the Bath

Once the weather gets cold and windy, many people find comfort in hot showers or half-an-hour baths. Yet, long “water” sessions present the shortest way to dry skin and cracks in the skin. Therefore, try to spend as little time in the shower as you can, and take warm showers rather than hot ones. Pay attention to your soap as well; regular soap bars will dry your skin the most, so you should switch to shower gels, in particular the special gels designed for sensitive or dry skin. When you get out the shower dry yourself up, but do not rub your skin with the towel too much, as it presents extra trauma for your skin. While the skin is still dump after the bath, apply some moisturizing cream, this way the cream will be more effective.

Dress According to the Weather

Dry skin is particularly sensitive and is prone to micro-traumas. Dry skin gets scratches, cracks easier as well as can create discomfort from practically any form of contact. Thus, it is crucial to reduce the number of micro-traumas your skin gets during winter season. In particular, try not to wear wool or polyester materials (spiky fibers will be either too massive for the body, or cause itching). Give preferences to soft materials, cotton, and silk. Whenever possible, wear baggy clothes.

Artificially Keep the Air Humid

Another reliable way to “cheat” the winter cold is by creating your own weather at home. To do this, buy an air ionizer and keep it at 30-50% humidity level.

Avoid Stress

It is a known fact, that stress can seriously affect our health. Furthermore, if the person suffers from psoriasis, then stress will be reflected on the skin in the form of ugly plaques. On the other hand, stress can affect healthy skin as well. The more the person is under stress, the less moisture his or her skin will be able to retain, hence the skin will get dry.

Watch Your Weight

Some studies show, that strict diets and vegetarian lifestyle improve one’s overall skin condition and relieve skin diseases. Yet, winter holidays is definitely not the period of the year when we watch our nutrition carefully. Even if your Christmas dinner does not pose that much threat to your waist people consume on average 6-7% more food during winter season. Try to avoid this trend, and go easy on the turkey, mashed potatoes, and pies during the season. In particular, go easy on alcohol, as well as fatty and diary foods.

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  1. I purchased the Made from Earth “Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer” from their website two weeks ago and it is fantastic!! With daily use over the last 2 weeks, it has completely cleared up the dry, red, crusty, itchy spots between my eyebrows, the sides of my nose and the corners of my mouth. It has also greatly diminished the discoloration on my cheekbones and above my upper lip (this one looked much like a thin mustache, I hated it).

    I have tried creams, scrubs, etc., to no avail, but this product actually does all that the manfacturer says it will do. It seems to break down the discoloration and start to remove it first in the area which is not the thickest and goes on to the most prominent parts. The moisturizer goes on smoothly, is not greasy, absorbs quickly, leaving my skin feeling soft and revitalized. It only takes a small amount to cover the face and neck area. I am noticing a difference in the reduction of the crow’s feet in the corners of my eyes and in the smoothness of the neck area. It worked fast and great for me. I hope that others will be as satisfied as I am with it. I’m going to invest in other Made from Earth products in their line, such as their face scrub, and the olive night time moisturizer. Even though it cost more than I usually pay for skin care products, it is more than well worth it. I can see now that it will last longer than most and I can’t say this enough “IT WORKS”!!

  2. Любопытная статья, по моему мнению что вам нужно в какие нибудь спец журналы писать 🙂

  3. The Made from Earth Vitamin Enhanced MOISTURIZER is everything it is claimed to be! It completely turned the problems I was having with my skin around! Warning, though…IT IS STRONG! Be sure to consider the skin type you have and only “baby step” into the strength of this product.

    I recommend using a little at a time – because thats all you really need and it spreads well. Literally, with one application of the Made from Earth Moisturzer (Vitamin Enhanced), my skin felt different…AWESOME! It did make me peel like a snake skin though. I think I “over did” at first. I can see such a difference in my skin texture, smaller pores, completely cleared any problem areas I was having and I can see such a reduction in wrinkles already.

    I will definitely continue using this made from earth product.I use it about twice weekly right now. I use the Green Tea Toxin Cleanser before I moisturze. I LOVE IT, TOO!

  4. My husband has the driest of skin, he has tried nearly everything on the market and nothing has worked to help repair his dry skin.

    I finally bought the “Pure Aloe Face Treatment” from Made from Earth, because I myself like some of their other products and thought why not, let’s try it. Well, he scoffed when I handed it to him, but eventually tried it, the difference was immediate. He Loves it… We no longer go anywhere without “the Cream”!!

    Its also fragrence free which he likes. . .

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