5 Pains You Must Not Ignore


Probably, each man faces with pain in the legs or head. Usually these painful symptoms are not much of a threat and respond well to painkillers, but there are varieties of pain, which cannot be ignored in any case.


1. Severe pain in the leg or calf

Possible causes: deep venous thrombosis
The people, who are at risk of developing deep vein thrombosis, include the patients who underwent a surgery and are having a bed rest, or the women taking contraceptives. They should not ignore the pain in legs and calves. If the pain is not felt like a normal spasm, be sure to consult a doctor for ultrasound examination.

2. Severe pain in the upper back

Possible causes: aortic dissection
People describe it as a terrible pain which makes you burst into tears and is comparable to the feelings of a man being torn apart. Because of aortic dissection, the people suffering from high blood pressure or connective tissue diseases, such as Marfan syndrome, are at risk. Aortic dissection can cause a stroke, paralysis, or kidney failure.

3. Severe abdominal pain

Possible causes: interruption of ectopic pregnancy
Ectopic pregnancy develops outside the uterus. Its termination can cause severe bleeding in the stomach. At risk are women taking contraceptives, having scar tissue of the fallopian tubes due to sexually transmitted diseases, and going through infertility treatment.

4. Strong toothache

Possible causes: Ludwig’s angina – a dental abscess, moving to the neck
Severe pain in the teeth, which extends down the neck and may be a sign of Ludwig’s angina – the infection of the lower part of the mouth. It must be treated immediately.

5. Severe headache

Possible causes: brain hemorrhage
If you are the victim of a stroke caused by bleeding in the brain, you will have a sudden and severe headache, reaching maximum intensity in a few seconds or minutes. Usually people clutch to their head and fall onto the floor in pain; sometimes they lose consciousness.