5 Healthy Foods Getting Unhealthy in Winter


Experts stress the particular importance of eating healthy foods in the winter. However, it seems that even the products traditionally considered a source of vitamins and useful substances can trigger health problems.



Among healthy foods, which can easily harm people, doctors single out tangerines. These fruits contain high amounts of vitamin C. They are important for a strong immune system and good mood. However, doctors warn: first, tangerines are one of the most powerful allergens, and secondly, they contain a lot of sugar. In addition, sour juice irritates, so tangerines should be consumed carefully and very moderately.


Greens are sold in shops all year round, but do not forget that during the winter, even in greenhouses it will not grow without special fertilizers. We must be particularly careful with green onions and lettuce, doctors explain – they must not only be washed thoroughly, but also soaked in boiled water.

Fat Stock

A fat stock is considered a perfect warming dish in cold weather. But when you have problems with liver, pancreas, duodenum, stomach, it may be contraindicated. In addition, fat stocks unduly excite the nervous and cardiovascular systems.


Herring contains many nutrients. However, its light salted options often contain chemicals and harmful preservatives, prolonging shelf life.


The same with caviar. Light salted caviar in a plastic container in the middle of winter must be stuffed with preservatives.