15 Curious Health Facts


Scientists from various institutes worldwide have made so many discoveries! A great part of them refer to health. Below you will find 15 curious facts about health, nutrition, human body and exercise you might not know before.

Health Facts

  1. About half a billion bacteria inhabiting every square inch of your kitchen sink drain make it even more alive with germs than your bathroom tub.
  2. Whiteness of teeth is improved by baking soda and strawberries. Garlic is helpful for athletes with foot injuries. Morning after syndrome is relieved by honey.
  3. Couch potatoes are common-place among doctors. Eight of every ten avoid physical exercises.
  4. You can improve your sex drive and fertility by eating almonds, avocados, and garden rocket.
  5. Your ability to stay alert will last up to 10 hours after a one-hour nap. Eleven days is the known sleeplessness record.
  6. Increased weight loss and calories burning is guaranteed, if you wear pedometers or walk against the wind, through the water or with a backpack. This burns around 50 more calories per hour than walking unloaded.
  7. If you enter your home through the front door, the amount of food you eat may reduce by 15% compared to those using the back door (the latter really risk to raid the house’s kitchen).
  8. 70 % of tobacco addicts may go deaf. They are also four times likely to rest insufficiently during a night’s sleep than nonsmokers.
  9. Cancer risks increase with those youngsters and home pets that are subject to inhale cigarette ash covering smoker’s hair, as well as particles remaining in the room where one has smoked.
  10. Alice in Wonderland, Exploding Head and Foreign Accent is terminology describing real but infrequent medical syndromes.
  11. Allergy can be averted by rinsing your nose with salt water
  12. Women are less likely to develop cancer if they keep fit and, what is very important, sleep enough.
  13. Malignant tumors and low blood sugar can be smelled by some pets, such as dogs.
  14. Slim people are better savers than corpulent ones, who pay hefty $485 more on outfit, $828 on extra airplane seats, and $36 more on gas bills each year.
  15. Human body is capable to produce aspirin, if meals include fruit and vegetables.

Source of the image: flickr.com/photos/apoxapox.


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