10 Ways to Look Beautiful in Spring


After the cold winter, almost nobody can boast having a blooming appearance. Solve the problem by restoring the healthy skin, hair and nails with the help of the right foods.


1. Sea ​​buckthorn

Of course, you are unlikely to be able to buy fresh buckthorn in spring. But you can use fresh frozen buckthorn. This berry is characterized by the record content of vitamin C, due to which the skin retains elasticity and has a healthy color.

The wild rose, bell peppers, and black currants also contain a lot of vitamin C.

2. Cherry

Bags with frozen cherries contain a lot of flavonoids that support skin capillaries during the period when it begins to fade away. Eat cherries, and you will look younger!

Lots of different flavonoids are contained in black grapes (they must be eaten with the peel), pomegranates and pomegranate juice of high quality.

3. Vegetable oil and nuts

They are rich in vitamin E, which is needed to smooth the skin and prevent it from losing color and elasticity.

4. Cod liver

It contains vitamin A that helps the skin not to become too dry and therefore prevents it from being prematurely wrinkled. Also, cod liver oil is rich in copper, which protects against early gray hair.

5. Liver, chicken, buckwheat

These products provide the body with vitamin B2, protecting it from the appearance of rosacea, dandruff, rash and cracks on the lips.

6. Spinach, parsley, dried apricots

Their regular use maintains a high level of moisture in the skin and hair – it’s a good prevention of wrinkles and split hair ends. Incidentally, spinach also contains much folic acid.

7. Heart, seafood

They contain coenzyme Q10, which is a component that promotes rejuvenation of the skin at the cellular level.

8. Oatmeal

This product contains more silicon than other products, and the lack of it reduces skin elasticity and makes the hair and nails brittle.

9. Hard cheese, sardines, cheese

Dairy products are excellent suppliers of calcium, which provides a strong growth and strength of hair and nails.

10. Sesame

Different amounts of vitamin B1 are important for a smooth complexion and clean skin, free of pimples and eczema. It is also a good fighter with baldness!