10 Teeth Whitening Mistakes


Many of us have always dreamt of a perfect Hollywood smile. Nowadays you can buy products for teeth whitening in every pharmacy. Still, it is very important to avoid some common mistakes on your way to the realization of this dream.


1. Visiting a doctor

Do not start the teeth whitening procedure without visiting your dentist. He/she can tell you if this procedure is good for you, as well as prepare your teeth for it. Teeth whitening should be done after a professional cleaning!

2. Teeth whitening trays

The dentist will help in the preparation of a whitening tray for the teeth that will be absolutely perfect for you. It will make the whitening substance more efficient.

3. A beauty salon

A beauty salon is good for a new hairstyle or manicure, but not for teeth whitening. As a rule, such places do not even have the specialized equipment for sterilizing the whitening instruments.

4. Whitening toothpaste

Do not use it every day, as it will lead to excessive damage of tooth enamel and increased tooth sensitivity.

5. Not all teeth are the same

Are you sure that it is safe to whiten all your teeth? Many patients forget that they have crowns, implants or veneers, and their appearance may be damaged by bleaching agents.

6. Purchases via the Internet

You should not purchase teeth whitening products via the Internet. You will save money, but you will get the product of a very dubious quality.

7. Teeth brushing

Before the whitening procedure, your teeth need some good cleaning with a brush and floss. For some reason, many of us do not even know it.

8. Follow the directions

Keep whitening strips on your teeth as long as required in the instruction. Do not think that if you keep them longer, the effect will be more evident!

9. Eating

It is a very bad idea to eat during the whitening procedure. Saliva just dissolves the used product, and you will not get the desired result.

10. Addiction to whitening

Overreliance on such procedures will make your teeth less healthy, and their color will be unnatural. This is not the effect people dream about when they resort to this procedure.