Vivienne Tam's Double Happiness Credit Card Reader


Vivienne Tam has come up with a new credit card reader designed using the Square technology (credit cards are accepted by connecting a card reader to a cell phone or iPad). For it she secured the collaboration of the Square co-founder Jack Dorsey, who is also known as the creator of Twitter.

Credit Card Reader by Vivienne Tam

Tam and Dorsey’s Square credit card reader is dubbed the Double Happiness and has a red Chinese symbol denoting double happiness standing out against its lacquer black case. It is a limited Square gadget that is offered at Vivienne Tam’s site for the price of $10.

Credit Card Reader by Vivienne Tam

The Double Happiness is sold to raise money for Happy Hearts Fund that helps children in natural disaster areas avail themselves of educational and sustainable programs.

Source of the image: Viviennetam.