VIOlight Promises to Annihilate All Germs on Your Handset by UV


Considering that we carry our mobile phones about everywhere, take them out and use in any kind of surroundings, they should be swarming with germs. And then we go and actually wipe them against our faces and press them to our mouths.

VIOlight sanitizer

The gadgets that are always really close to us are entitled to their share of attention, and here’s a gadget to take care of other gadgets by cleaning them of 99.9% of germs they amass. The useful invention is called the VIOlight and retails at £30.

You give your handset(s), MP3 player and earphones, and everything else that comes out of your purse, a good treatment with the cleaner whose UV bulb emits bacteria-killing blue-violet rays. Three minutes out to be enough to bring the amount of H1N1 virus, E. coli, listeria, and salmonella down to the minimum.

A spokesperson, commenting on VIOlight, accentuated that their products are designed for consumers’ healthier lifestyle. The UV technology can be used for more than cleaning things on our dressing-tables… And who knows, the next thing we see in stores may be bigger models of VIOlight for cleaning furniture and rooms, and they will become a must for every office?

Source of the image: Violight.