Unwanted Hair Removed with No!No! Hair 8800


Oh those hairs springing up in most unwelcome places! It may be one long hard fight to get oneself perfectly smooth. If you find the task too laborious, seek outside help in the shape of No!No! Hair 8800. It’s a handy hair removing gadget, renovated and updated.

Hair Remover NoNo Hair 8800

What makes No!No! Hair 8800 doubly advisable is that it uses no lasers. The beauty device is designed around a patented Thermicon technology which means that your skin is cleaned by heat. Moreover, heat waves deal with hairs underneath the skin. Consequently, a regular use of No!No! Hair is reported to guarantee your hair growing back sparser and more slowly. The hairs are supposed to become lighter too. All you have to do is roll the laser-free hair remover over the area you want clean and smooth.

The new version is cordless and equipped with an LSD display that shows the information on battery charge and the state of the Thermicon tips that maу have to be replaced.

The heat wave hair remover is efficient with softer facial hair, but may be a bit more hard put to dealing with thicker and coarser hair in other places. It’s a little painful, but users didn’t regard it as a serious drawback. Fashionably pink, the No!No! Hair retails at $270.

Source of the image: Hellcandy.