Unfinished Clock in a Perfectly Finished Style


Yes, it’s true that children toy clocks may look a bit more stylish than this, but then again, little children are not given things of brand-new design. And this clock is modern art, although you may not know it from just giving it a casual look. Conceiving the idea of Unfinished Clock, its creators Yve Thelermont and David Hupton took a simple geometric figure, imagined it was a face and stuck on it – seemingly in a haphazard fashion – а couple of hands. What if the long hand is protruding beyond the face? Everyone can see that it is in keeping with the style.

Unfinished Clock Design

Catering for different preferences the Unfinished Clock comes round and rectangular. It is priced at $46. The great advantage of the clock is that people with artistic streaks can customize it in accordance with their taste.

Source of the image: popgadget.net.