Thermo Mirror


Simple mirrors that let us see the face and the way our clothes fit or look are, no doubt, indispensable items of our lives, but let’s admit the naked truth, they are terribly behind the times. As if our faces were the only things of interest to us! And what about the whole bundle of personal info? Like just how much cold have you caught last night?

Thermo Mirror measures body temperature

Well, here goes the Thermo Mirror, a telltale gadget provided courtesy of Japan’s NEC/Avio. The electronic company’s device takes measure of the body temperature as soon as you approach it at a foot’s distance. No physical contact, just infrared sensors.

The temperature is displayed on the surface, and if you did catch a cold, the mirror sets off an alarm. When you are coming up to it and haven’t yet reached the stipulated proximity, you can read only the time, date, temperature and humidity. It won’t let you watch a movie while you are brushing your hair, but wait a little for that feature to be included as well.

The Thermo Mirror comes in two versions priced at $1,180 to $1,440.

Source of the image: Engadget.