The Split Laptop


We have long acquired the habit of carrying laptops with us everywhere, but sometimes we feel like there’s no getting around the prodding corners or the bulk or the fact that it seems to grow heavier as the day is wearing on. Presumably designer Dae Hoon Jung suffered most from the inconvenience, for he thought out a laptop called the Split showcased at the Fujitsu Design Awards 2011. The idea behind the Split is that you can have on you only the most essential parts of a laptop.

Split Laptop by Dae Hoon Jung

Packed in a slim stylish case are a tablet screen, a wireless keyboard, a stylus pen and a track-pad mouse. It looks unbelievably compact and neat, and we will surely see some of them around quite soon. Besides, there’s something intrinsically feminine in the sleek design, don’t you think so?

Split Laptop by Dae Hoon Jung

Split Laptop by Dae Hoon Jung

Source of the image: Designbuzz.


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