Sony Gives OLED Display a Push into the Future


There has been attempts to produce roll-out OLED displays before, and it certainly looks like the project for the future, when we will be using our cellphones with displays that can be rolled out whenever we need a much larger screen. And now Sony has made a great step in this direction, turning out a 4.1-inch super-thin screen.

Sony's OLED display

It boasts a 432 x 240 resolution with unheard-of color and contrast for that sort of screen, although slightly marred by some vertical and horizontal lines that aren’t supposed to be here. It is rolled onto a pencil cylinder, and another wonderful thing about it is that it goes on showing even while you are rolling it in.

Sony's OLED Display

According to Sony, the screen’s contrast ratio is 1,000:1.

With its imperfections and drawbacks, Sony’s new OLED still goes a long way beyond what we had before.

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