Smart TV: An Introduction


Remember a few years ago, when the world was young, and you used to carry a digital camera, an iPod and a mobile phone around with you? It seems crazy now, doesn’t it, when all those devices (and many more) are packed into one small box. Well, the same principle applies now in the home. You probably still have a separate computer, TV and perhaps a games console as well. That’s going to change – smart TV is here!


What Is It?

Smart TV is a way of putting that big screen in your living room online, allowing you to turn it from a passive receiver of content into a device on which you can access the internet, install apps in much the same way as you currently do on a phone, and play games, amongst other things. For gamers it’s a great leap forwards; the quality of modern HD screens is amazing, and games developers are producing content to take advantage of them, whether it’s the amazing array of slots and card games at sites like MrSmithCasino, where there is a big list of games to choose from, or Samsung’s game apps including Angry Birds. Why settle for a pocket-sized screen, or put up with loads of cables?

Three Good Choices

You can also use smart TV to Skype, log on to Facebook and Twitter, access YouTube and Netflix and various broadcasters’ online catch-up services – depending on which system you choose. Here’s a look at three of the best.

Samsung UE32H4510

This 32″ unit costs £330 or less and has a 720p LED screen. As well as Freeview capability, it has Wi-Fi which will allow you onto the Samsung network – there’s an optional keyboard for ease of use. Plenty of extra content is available and you can use Skype and all the usual social media sites with ease. There’s a USB input as well for digital cameras and other devices.

LG 47LB630V

Bigger is better, and this full HD 47″ TV is an excellent choice at around £600. It’s a great looking unit on which almost all of the front surface is taken up with the screen. As well as Wi-Fi, USB and HDMI connections it has an Ethernet port, and comes with an open browser so you can access any website. There’s also a voice activation function.

Sony KDL55W829BBU

If 47″ just isn’t enough for you, this 55″ monster might just do the trick. At around £1000 it’s a superb screen with Dolby Digital for great sound, and a system that Sony call One-Flick. This allows you to access content from DVR, mobile phones and tablets as well as your photos and other files; it’ll also remember your favourites and preferences. The Sony Entertainment Network has plenty of movies, TV shows and music, and of course you can use all your favourite social media sites and other online content.

(Image: Wikipedia)