Small and Pink Mbook


The UMID mbook, a whit larger than a palm comp, may well run for the world’s smallest with its size of 161 x 96.5 x 18.1 mm and its weight of 315 grams. It features a 4.8-inch LCD display of 1024 x 600 pixels and is controlled either via the customary QWERTY keyboard or with a stylus pen straight from the touchscreen display.

Pink and Small UMID mbook

It will hardly qualify for the world’s pinkest computer, so it is just pink.

The UMID mbook works on the Windows XP Home OS and UI The Pot with the Li-ion battery providing about 5 hours’ working time for you to chat, surf the web and run through the latest news.

Pink and Small UMID Mbook Front View

The small pink convenience uses Intel Atom 1.2Ghz or Intel Atom 1.3Ghz for processor and 512MB DDR2 memory. Your $449 will also be buying Bluetooth 2.0+EDR, 8GB NAND Flash memory, Wi-Fi module, and of course, a built-in 1.3MP web camera. The speaker is mono but you can get a stereo sound by plugging earphones in.

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