A Small Electric Iron to Go Places with You


It isn’t really worth your while to take things like irons along when you are travelling. But if you took care to spruce up and mean to keep it up, you may need an iron handy. And Brando is going to offer you a really handy iron in a couple of weeks, just like the model that is available in China and other suchlike places.

Electric Tiny Travel Iron

Actually the Electric Tiny Travel Iron is even smaller than “handy”, but it is a perfect substitute for a life-size iron. And when you come to some narrow parts of your clothing like cuffs or collars, you may find it easier to get them done properly with your new travel clothes helper.

Mini Travel Iron

The required voltage is 220V/110V 50Hz and 25W power, but please remember that a disadvantage of its size is that it isn’t advisable to use the iron for more than 30 minutes in a row.

Small Handy Iron

It will be available for $18 and it doesn’t need a separate bag – you can just fit it anywhere.

Source of the images: ladiesgadgets.com.