A Saucerlike One-Hand Five-Finger Keyboard


The story of an one-hand keyboard replacement goes back to the year 1968, when Doug Engelbart came up with a small five-key device that looked like the piano’s attempt to go digital. Characters were entered by playing chords… sorry, punching certain combinations of keys. As we know, this kind of musician’s keyboard failed to crush the original thing with rows and rows of qwertys.

Red Jellyboard: One-Hand Five-Finger Keyboard

It doesn’t mean one can’t make another go, pondered designer Erik Campbell; it’s just that not all people like to play the piano. While a gadget along the lines of a mouse might gain popularity! And he conceived of something that all but brought the word fish into the world of computers.

First One-Hand Chorded Keyboard

His is a jellyfish type of a five-key keyboard, definitely more gay in terms of color, and made to fit under your palm. As long as you remember all the button combinations, you can easily emulate everything your bigger keyboard can do.

Now does it sound exciting to have a red jellyfish around your PC or convenient to use just one hand, or will we give designers a signal to work out a better accomplishment of the idea for us?

Source of the image: Gizmodo.com.