Radiation Measuring Plate


The Fukushima nuclear plants are a source of constant worry? Is food from Japan safe? Well, there is a concept that is aimed to exterminate any possible doubt about it. Nils Ferber, a really concerned person, came up with a special plate that reads the level of radioactivity of the food you are going to eat.

Fukushima Plate to Measure Radiation

Called the Fukushima Plate, the food safety gadget (there’s a feeling that it won’t do to call it just a “plate”) is fitted with a radioactive meter that is connected to three OLEDs that run along the edge of the plate. As soon as you have put some food on it the meter scans the stuff and lights up the OLED ring indicator that corresponds to the level of contamination. Now you know if your food is harmful – or rather will know when the concept has been accepted for manufacturing.

Fukushima Plate to Measure Radiation

Meanwhile, other methods have been employed towards the same purpose – like a video showing Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano of Japan putting down a strawberry from the region near the Fukushima nuclear plants and urging everyone to calmly eat the food that is being distributed, because measures have been taken to ensure of it being safe.

Anyway, guarantees and radioactivity-reading plates can go quite well together, can’t they?

Fukushima Plate to Measure Radiation
Source of the images: Nilsferber.