PreVue Lets See the Fetus


There will always be people who want to hurry some things along, even if it means peeking where nature didn’t intend them to. Melody Shiue, an industrial designer at the University of New South Wales, seems to belong with these.

PreVue gadget to see the fetus

She went and created a gadget entitled PreVue that allows expectant parents to get a clear view of their baby while it’s still in the womb, and enjoy the sight of it moving and rolling around, growing with each passing week.

PreVue gadget to see the fetus

The device is made from e-textile and should be worn on the would-be mom’s stomach. The idea sure sounds great and in some cases can be helpful from the medical standpoint, though it does raises a few questions about the upcoming boy or girl’s privacy. Anyway, the choice is everybody’s personal affair.

Source of the image: Randommization.