The Pepper Spray Ring for a Beautiful and Handy Weapon


What self-defense weapon can be cuter to carry about than a ring? A mere thing of beauty may become your surest protector with its fill of a pepper spray, the strongest existing one, actually stronger than a jalepeno pepper by 400 times! As you press the trigger it releases a 12-inch spurt that will get whoever happens to get on the wrong side of you choking, sneezing, coughing, and having problems with their eyesight. Sickness and burning in the eyes are guaranteed to plague the villain for 45 minutes. There’s a safety catch to prevent you from a chance peppering of your meal.

Stunning Ring

The Stunning Ring come in fake gold or silver at the price of $29.95 with $7.95 for each refill. Should they have made them a little more beautiful and expensive?

Pepper Spray Ring

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