Pedometer and Calorie Counter for Free


Today we’d like to announce one more giveaway contest from We are giving away another useful gadget which is great for both men and women – Ila Sport, the pedometer, calorie counter and personal alarm in one. Like other Ila Alarm gadgets, which are being given away now too, the Ila Sport may emit a 130 decibel woman’s scream in the alarm mode. And if you want to get it for free, participate in this giveaway contest! To do this, simply read the easy to follow instructions below to enter the contest.

Woman wearing Ila Sport Pedometer

Prize That Is Given Away

Ila Sport, the pedometer, calorie counter and personal alarm (emitting 130 decibels) in one.

Ila Sport Pedometer Alarm and Calorie Counter

Giveaway Contest Rules

The contest rules a really simple. From today, December 10, 2010 on and till December 13, 2010 (10:00 pm GMT) leave a comment in this post telling why you’d like to win the prize.

On December 14, 2010 we’ll announce the winner. After we’ll contact the winners by email and wait for your reply pending 24 hours. In case you don’t reply during this time, then another commenter can have luck to get the prize. Please, note, that there’s only one entry per person. But everyone can become the winner!

By the way, if it’s not you who wins this time, you’ll get more chances to win other prizes! So, follow our Twitter page and the giveaways updates and don’t hesitate to take part in other giveaways on!

Update: And the pedometer goes to commenter #8 (Laura)! Congratulations!


  1. Hi again! 😉

    I know, I’m a bit shameless, but I want this pedometer too!
    Best regards to you!

  2. Hello to all, I’m here for the first time and I must say it’s a great invention (the site) if people can get here something for free. And not just something but such cool gadgets! I woiuld like to get it.

  3. And I’m still fat and lazy. Please, give me only the alarm part – kidding – I swear I WILL jog with it and probably finally lose some lbs!

  4. i’m fond of jogging and didn’t know that pedometer can be so cool and even with such a loud alarm. I definitely need this pedometer.

  5. I teach a fitness class for women over 65…one of my beauties is 93!  I’d love to be able to give this as a prize to one of my incredibly inspiring girls!!!   

  6. You know running itself is so boring! But I do believe that this thing can make one jog with pleasure, because when you see the result of your activity you enjoy it! This is what I want to do.

  7. No way!
    If you want to, you do the thing = if you want to lose weight you do smth about it regardless of what shit you have or don’t have.
    It’s just your motivation!
    You must be a strong person if you want to achieve anything.
    You don’t need any gadgets like this, only your brain and your body.
    But anyway I wouldn;’t mind getting this shitty stuff.

  8. Wanted a pedometer myself. This one looks too girly. If I get it, I’ll give it to my wife as a gift.

  9. don’t agree with Emil Du , coz some people need motivation from outside to stop eating , turn off the tv , stand up and do some activity . I’m one of those people . Would you please-please send the pedometer to me . I really need it!

  10. WOW, what a great idea to combine alarm and calorie counter!! I’d LOVE to have one! Thanks

  11. Hello, everybody! I’m Cora and I’m very health conscious and I see this is a good opportunity to make my life quality better.

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