Nirvana Bathtub with a Special Night Sky Grandeur


What better way of winding down after a harrowing day can there be than stretching yourself out in a bathtub? The only thing lacking is an inspiration for eyes. The new gadget is to fill this gap.

Nirvana Bathub Thumb

Suppose you could get your bathtub out into the open and enjoy your soak enveloped in the dark starry endlessness whispering its eternal mysteries into your ear. Here’s Nirvana good and pure.

But for the days when the weather is not so agreeable, you can use the Nirvana Bathtub, an excellent tub in itself with 360 LED lights turning it into a nightly delight. There are touch controls that give you command over the water and the stars… pardon, lights. The hand shower responds to your motions. Doesn’t it sound perfect?

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