New Gphone from Lenovo


Gphone from LenovoThe first Gphone, or smartphone based on the Google Android platform, is finally out on the counters as G1 from T-Mobile. However, other manufacturers are also open to develop their own products, which would be based on this promising platform. One of those companies is the Chinese company Lenovo. Photos of an Android-machine confirm their intentions. The machine is very interesting and unique in terms of design and functionality.

The Gphone is very stylish; it has nothing unnecessary. It is pure elegance and functionality. I think any woman would not mind having one in her purse (and any man perhaps as well).

One of the key new features of the phone is a large touch-screen in addition to a single control button, in this sense the device is very similar to the Apple iPhone. Furthermore, the phone is equipped with a 5 MP digital camera with an autofocus system, a microSD memory card slot, and supports wireless data transfer through Bluetooth 2.0.

Gphone from Lenovo

Unfortunately, it is not clear for now, whether the device will be supplied to the U.S. market, since the only available information about Android for now informs only about its release into the Chinese market.

Photo of Gphone: