Netbook by Disney and ASUS – Web-safe and Durable


Launching a netbook for children, Disney Consumer Products (DCP) and ASUS, well-remembered for its remarkable Eee PC™ netbook, made a great attempt to create a paragon in the field.

Disney Netbook

The Disney Netpal, their brainchild, is a colorful, web-safe and easy-to-use computer. ASUS went to provide extra durability, designing a reinforced model, while DCP contributed a unique Disney user interface. It embraces the Disney Magic Desktop “gadget tray” with a fantastic 2D menu for email and browser, all bearing engaging Disney effigies.

Disney Desktop

The Netpal is equipped with an 8.9-inch LCD display, Windows XP Home, and children-customized software with glorious visual environments and icons all done in the Disney style. It also features Wi-Fi capabilities.

Disney Magic

Parents will appreciate a sophisticated parental control system (again, Disney-themed). The system provides over 40 effective parental control options with extra filters for browsers and email allowing parents to keep an eye on the child’s email correspondents and website content and ensure due online safety.

Disney Netpal

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