Mobiado Makes an Arty Cell Phone CPT001


If we were to pick out a gadget that is oftenest combined with a work of art, it will presumably be a cell phone, with more and more people carrying about them unique handsets marked by a truly genius designer touch. Up to the genius notch or not, it’s up to you to decide, but Mobiado did make a noteworthy attempt to place its newest CPT001 concept phone in the ranks of the arty handsets. At least the company tagged it as an “objet d’art”.

The producers describe their CPT001 as a renaissance concept, the materials – gold, marble and gems – going back to the period. Single-piece marble luxury handset carries letters, figures, buttons and other details made from gold. Solid gold are also the watch crown and a gold skeleton mechanical watch movement. The touchscreen is one large sapphire bearing a beautifully traced heraldic animal.

The Mobiado marble wonderthing hasn’t hit the market yet, but it will certainly be something to wait for (and prepare a handsome sum of money, for sure!).

Source of the image: Extravaganzi