LUMI Mask Provides Gentle Wakeup


Do your window blinds present a problem to you letting unwanted light into your bedroom while you are sleeping and, when closed, shutting out light when you ought to be perked up into activity by good old sunlight? Of course the best bet is to wear controllable blinds on your eyes, and surely one of the best bets for that is to get the LUMI Mask.

Wakeup Gadget Lumi Mask

With a LUMI Mask on you can be sure of sleeping soundly without a possibility of being shaken out of your sweet slumber by straying rays of light. But if you have set the alarm, the mask using its inbuilt light unit will begin imitating a sunrise half an hour prior your waking-up time. The light will gradually take on intensity helping you wake up more easily and feel up to your day’s occupations.

The sleeping gadget is made from soft neoprene foam so that it won’t interfere with blinking or any other eye movements. The mask holds out a promise of total comfort.