Lullabelly Provides Music for Your Upcoming Child to Enjoy


Your child is still inside? It is hardly a good reason to refuse him the joy of music. We all know that music is conducive to growing. That’s why there is a device, iTunes, to be easily coupled with a new invention called Lullabelly Prenatal Music Belt. The belt comes either equipped only with speakers (a Standard Package, to be had for $49) or with included dual earphone adapter and earphones for the mother to share the pleasure (a Deluxe Package for $55). Bass boost is quite understandably absent.

Lullabelly Prenatal Music Belt

Lullabelly’s Prenantal Music Belt is available in three colors, green, red, and blue with polka dots.

Music Belt from Lullabelly

Unfortunately, there are no recommendations from babies describing its advantages or drawbacks, but hopefully they will be coming soon!

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  1. I bought this Lullabelly one month ago. For me, the price is expensive, but this product is worth for every penny. It didn’t disappoint me when i got it. Very easy to use. And occssionally, I bought a very cheap but still useful iPhone app at App Store: Prenatal Lullabies. It is just $1.99. Further cheap than Lullabelly. The two stuffs work well on me. The lullaby of them are gentle and fine-tuned. GOOD Match.

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