Lark Un-alarm Clock Wakes You up Gently


The general run of alarm clocks are vicious gadgets designed to get you up in the morning – and boy, they mean it! They employ all kinds of dirty tricks to whisk you out of sleep with a pounding heart and a feeling that you’ve died and gone to hell. Many of them do it with raucous battle cries that announce the beginning of a new day for you and everyone else within half a mile.

Lark Un-Alarm Clock

For everyone who is sure that alarm-clocks have been invented by devils here’s one that must have been designed by an angel, and it’s dubbed an un-alarm clock to show you that it is a thing poles apart from your demanding announcer. The un-alarm clock is a wristband that you strap on before going to bed. It works in collaboration with your iPhone, iPad or iTouch, and when the time is ripe it just vibrates without disturbing your partner’s beauty sleep.

Those who care to know how they were making it through the night will be informed by the un-alarm clock on various aspects like the time it took you to doze off or whether you woke up during the night.

$129 is your price for a gentle wake-up call.

Source of the image: Werd.