JINS Glasses Rid You of Eye Pains


The computer is one mighty useful thing, but it’s not easy to explain it to your eyes when they hurt after you have been at it for hours on end. You will have to get up exasperated and give your eyes a good rub or go and wash them, yet it may not take the pain away. But these glasses can.

J!NS PC Eyewear

J!NS PC and J!NS Moisture are recently unveiled glasses that have been designed to take care of fatigue, pains and overstrain that threaten your eyes when you have to spend too much time at your computer. J!NS PC are reported to deflect about half of the “Blue Light” from your computer’s display that goes hard on your eyes. J!NS Moisture is a good way to avoid hurting your eyes through going dry as they provide continuous moisture for about 2 hours’ time. It sounds like a great means of reducing the strain put on your eyes considerably. Besides, they don’t have a wacky hi-tech look, just ordinary glasses in a pretty fuchsia hue. They are quite affordable, and their only drawback is they are not sold outside Japan.

Source of the image: Gadgetizer.